Questions and Answers

Most Asked Roadside Assistance Questions and Answers

 What services do you offer?
We provide fuel, coolant and other essential fluid deliveries, vehicle unlock services, tire changes and emergency tire repair, jump starts and on many vehicles we can replace your battery too.  All of our roadside assistance services are available throughout Forsyth & Dawson Counties.

Why do you not offer towing?
Our goal is to get your vehicle problem resolved so you can continue with your travels.  We are usually able to accomplish that without having to have your vehicle towed.  That effort reduces your costs by eliminating a charge for towing, storage and subsequent mechanical repair at a shop.  However, in the event we are unable to solve your problem and you do need a tow truck, we have companies to refer you to and our only charge for traveling to your location to attempt to assist you is $20.00 to cover our fuel costs. 

I have a flat tire but no spare, can you help?
If we do not have a spare to fit your vehicle, we will locate a tire store that has the same type (size, brand, style) or comparable tire, remove your flat tire and rim, transport it to the tire store and have it swapped then return it to your vehicle to be re-mounted.  This service takes slightly longer depending on the location and schedule of the tire store but the end result is your problem is complete resolved and you didn’t have to have the vehicle towed.

I believe either my battery is dead or my alternator stopped working, can you help?
We can recharge your battery and test it for proper operation.  Once charged, we will start your vehicle and test your battery to see if it is faulty.  In many cases we can replace your battery, if a problem exists, without having to tow the vehicle.  

Do you have monthly or annual member subscription services?
We do not have structured recurring member subscriptions simply because we don’t want to charge you an average of $5-8 per month for something that you may never use.  We feel that our prices are low enough that in the event you need our services, the charge per request will likely still be less than if you paid a recurring membership fee throughout the year.  Keep in mind that traditional subscription services with nationwide companies have restrictions meaning they may only provide you with minimal service a certain number of times per year and likely have additional add on fees, like mileage or other non-covered charges, that the plan doesn’t cover.  Using your roadside service through your insurance policy may also affect your rate during future renewal periods.  Check out information about a C.L.U.E. Report here: C.L.U.E.

I already have a monthly roadside assistance plan but you can get here faster than their provider, can you bill my roadside assistance plan company?
We are unable to bill the company managing your plan but we can provide you with a detailed receipt that you may be able to submit to them for reimbursement.  You can call and ask your roadside assistance company about reimbursement eligibility. Using your roadside service through your insurance policy may also affect your rate during future renewal periods. Check out information about a
C.L.U.E. Report here: C.L.U.E. 

What areas do you cover?
We routinely patrol GA 400 and surface streets and provide roadside assistance service in a 25-mile radius of Cumming,GA.  Some nearby cities and areas that we cover are: Dawsonville.Silver City,Coal Mountain, Sawnee Mountain,Etc.

{More Areas Added Soon}

If I am located outside of your coverage, can you still provide roadside assistance?
We will do everything in our power to either come assist you or locate a company closer to you that can help.  In some cases, we can travel outside of our coverage area if our current call load can handle having a service vehicle leave our primary area of operation.  A travel charge may be assessed depending on the distance away from our coverage area. 

What are your rates for services?
All of our service rates start at $54.99 and depending on your location and service needs, From 7pm-6am, an (After Hours Charge) will be added and will adjust accordingly.

I need a tire change and a battery jump on the same vehicle, do I have to pay separate fees for the same service call?
In most cases, we can combine or reduce charges for multiple items during a single request so you’re not being double billed or double charged. 

What type of payment do you accept and is payment required up front?
We accept Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.  You will be provided a written and/or electronic receipt for all services.  From 10pm-6am we require a $20 deposit in order to respond. This charge must be paid by credit or debit card over the telephone and it is credited toward the final charge for the service call.  The up-front charge provides us with the security that you will not cancel the service request after we have already committed to assisting you and dispatched a unit to respond.   

What if you are unable to assist me or resolve my problem after you arrive?
If we respond to assist you and are unable to resolve your problem and you require a tow or need to make alternate plans, we only charge a $20.00 travel charge to cover our fuel cost to your location.  If we have incurred any other physical expense (fuel, parts, etc.) while attempting to repair your vehicle we will bill those at the lowest rate possible.

Do you have a way that I can submit a review for your company?
We greatly appreciate your reviews of how we are performing, both positive and negative reviews are welcome.  The positive helps other customers understand your satisfaction while negative reviews help us understand our gaps and subsequently adjust our operations to ensure we meet the needs of our customers.  The best place to submit reviews for us is on our Facebook page:

We also accept reviews on our business listings with Google, Yelp and Bing.